Radiant Sunrays EP

by Katrah-Quey



These are 5 beats that I made around 2003/2004, when I was in the middle of high school. Two of these tracks were quietly released in a collaborative production project in 2005. If you want to hear my early production, this is a good representation of that.

1.) Radiant Sunrays: I love how the sun shines when it rises and how it beams down on you during noon.

2.) Morning Sequence: lots of people are very busy during the early morning. This track is the soundtrack for those on their way to work or school in the morning on a sunny day.

3.) Soulful Vibe: I made this track in 2004, I forgot what exactly inspired me to make this short beat but I know I loved fender rhodes sounds mixed in with jazzy drums.

4.) Kinda Unlikely: I believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to but you need to work hard for that to happen. If you don't work hard your dreams and goals will kinda be unlikely.

5.) Coffee Break: I think the track "Sunroof" by People Under The Stairs inspired this cut. I don't like coffee though.

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released March 30, 2019

All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by Katrah-Quey (d.hollins) for Motion Invisibles Music ASCAP


all rights reserved


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