by Katrah-Quey

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colin_rutkowski A beattape for napping, I love that idea! I also get "just woke up" vibes from these songs. Each song is soothing with simple loops that evoke a cozy, warm feeling like being wrapped up in blankets. Be prepared to have some sweet dreams to this. Favorite track: i want to cuddle with you.


a short instrumental hip-hop album to take a quick nap to.

1.) see yourself from the outside

• have you ever had an outerbody experience and saw your body laying down? i haven't but if you have, let me know.

2.) bring morning

• this was created on a wintry sunny morning in minnesota

3.) random concerns

• sometimes my mind races slowly before falling asleep

4.) the coolside of the pillow

• on a hot summer night, flipping the pillow over and over for cool comfort is a sport.

5.) i dreamt that you felt the same way about me

• sometimes i have dreams about crushes that feel the same way about me. either we are just hanging out or doing something more intimate.

6.) for shana

• this track is dedicated to my cousin shana hollins. she was incredible mother, and loving member of our family. i think she really liked my music too, always engaging with my facebook Katrah-Quey facebook page posts. she was tragically killed in July 2018. i miss her.

7.) i want to cuddle with you

• we all know someone that we want to cuddle with on a platonic basis.

8.) a lullaby from the sun

• this is one of my oldest beats i have ever released on a project (probably older than rainfall roots). i made this beat in 2003 or so. it fit the project so well, so i added as the final track.

Listen on spotify: open.spotify.com/album/0jbDI9q5MqjOQDEXS3NIHd

Video playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyVFMIll62TIwl5TKPIYEbisgsyZgznpW


released October 29, 2018

all tracks recorded, produced, mixed, mastered by d.hollins (motion invisibles music ascap)
copyright 2018
artwork painting by sarvets
designed by desmond hollins


all rights reserved


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